Pancake Weekend 2013!

13 Feb

Happy Shrove Tuesday.. better known as Pancake Day on this side of the world, and Mardi Gras (or fat tuesday) in the States! My friend and I wanted to celebrate pancake day properly, but we both decided that one day for pancakes just wasn’t enough. We went on a trip to the west coast leaving early friday morning, so naturally, we stayed up all night watching hockey and eating pancakes. I had two boxes of pancake mix- 1 bisquick, 1 crepe style. We started out with the bisquick on friday and I am finishing the crepe style today.

I know tuesdays are normally dedicated to healthy eating, but shit, it’s pancake day. I couldn’t NOT do a pancake post.

Ok so let’s start with friday. We had 3 hockey games going split screen and we made m&m pancakes, pretty good night I’d say. Only minor hiccup: I got all excited buying pancake supplies and accidentally bought a bottle of honey instead of syrup. Sidebar: if you have any creative ways to use honey, let me know!


We cooked up some American style pancakes and stayed up all night wolfing down the batch we made. I felt mildly sick by the morning- just in time for a 2 hour bus ride… WORTH IT.

Saturday dinner/Sunday breakfast we had cake. Yes, just cake. We found a great little bakery, we bought a cake, and we ate it. It was delicious.

Monday, I finished what was leftof the American pancake batter and recovered from the weekend.

Tuesday (today)… I ate an entire box worth of crepe style pancakes in one morning. By myself. No wonder it’s called fat tuesday. They were delicious once I added the lemon juice and sugar or nutella. The thing is, they were the most rubbery, odd textured pancakes I’ve ever seen. I followed the directions on the box, but I have no idea. They certainly weren’t proper crepes. Either way, I’m definitely making them from scratch next time. Any good recipes, internet?











On that note, I am so ready for Lent. I actually ate nutella out of the jar today just to finish so it would be out of my house by tomorrow. My cupboards have been purged, and I think my body is ready for a 40 day detox after the weekend I just put it through! God help me when paddy’s day rolls through- all I’ll say is it’s a damn good thing I’m not giving up alcohol…






One Response to “Pancake Weekend 2013!”

  1. louslabyrinth February 18, 2013 at 9:56 pm #

    Yum, they look delicious 🙂

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