My very first salad!

30 Apr

I’m not sure what it says about me that it’s been several months since I started this blog and this is the first salad I’m posting but…wahay better late than never!

So this is one of those things that started out as something and ended up being something completely different. The original salad can be found on Lauren’s Latest site and it’s a “Strawberry Avocado Kale Salad with a Bacon Poppy seed Dressing”. I thought it sounded delicious and adequately summery for the above 10 degrees and dry weather we’re having in Ireland, so I set off to Tesco to get my groceries for the week. Apparently Ireland doesn’t sell kale. Well, Tesco and Dunnes don’t and I’m pretty sure the English market doesn’t, and since those exhaust the places I shop here, I’ve decided Ireland doesn’t do kale. I just picked up a bag of iceberg lettuce instead because it had the stuff for a Caesar salad inside too and I do love a good Caesar salad. I got my avocados (first time I’ve ever bought them!), but it turns out, the internet tells me today that my avocados are not yet ripe.. I discovered this with dressing made and bacon in the oven. So no avocados tonight. So we’re down to a “Strawberry Salad”. And as for the dressing… well I couldn’t be arsed to buy poppy seeds if I’m being perfectly honest, didn’t seem like it would affect the salad at all and I’m too frugal to be wastin’ my money on stuff like poppy seeds (ha!). So with all that in mind, I give you my “Strawberry Salad with Bacon Dressing”. Doesn’t quite have the same ring…… I promise it’s just as good though.


1/2 Bag of lettuce

1/2 tub of strawberries

A couple of slices of bacon (3 or 4 should do but it’s whatever you’re feeling)

— The amounts for the salad and bacon are a little less set in stone… just go with your gut and be reasonable in proportions. Maybe pay more attention to the dressing.

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

2 tablespoons of white vinegar

2 tablespoons of sugar

*My dressing seemed really thick and strong to taste, but once it was tossed into the salad it was perfect


1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and prepare a baking tray with tin foil and a cooling rack over it if you have one. If not, not to worry the bacon will cook just as well on the foil.

2. Combine the mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar and mix all together.

3. When the oven is ready, lay out the slices of bacon on the pan/cooling rack over the pan and place in the oven for 15-20 minutes (until crispy).

4. Put the lettuce you want in a bowl, chop your strawberries into quarters and add to the lettuce.

5. Spoon the dressing over the salad and toss well.

6. When the bacon is done cooking, take it out and break it into little pieces. Sprinkle into salad, toss some more, and voila!

It’s that easy. It was yummy, quick, and not a complete disaster considering my lack of key ingredients 😉



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