Being Healthy Vs. Fat Shaming

1 May

Hey there! So this is a slightly unusual post but I read the most fantastic post earlier and I can’t not say anything about it. The post “Bikini Body” on Whiny Baby was featured on the freshly pressed page today, and I am SO glad it was. If you haven’t read it, please go read it. The author talks about fat shaming in society, but more importantly, why what you eat should not be in charge of you. It is such a great read, and she manages to put to words an idea and philosophy I’ve had for a while, but have been unable to describe. 

Read it? Good. I wanted to reply to this because I claim to advocate “healthy eating” on this blog (which I don’t actually do that much of, I know, but just go with me here), and I want to make sure nobody has any misconceptions about what I mean by healthy. I’m a not so secret pinterest lover, and when I’m busy not writing history papers, I’m off browsing some category of pinterest. I have a few I frequents (cute baby animals anyone?), and I have a few I try to avoid. One of the latter is the Health & Fitness section. I know that a majority of pinners on pinterest only have good intentions, and pin all this stuff as a motivation to get in shape and stuff, but they have completely got the idea of being healthy wrong and have instead turned to fat shaming.

So let me be clear. Being healthy DOES NOT equal having no fat. You DO NOT need this body to be healthy: 


Have you ever seen ANYBODY do this? High heels, really?



Who actually looks like this?

I’m sure those girls are healthy and fit and incredibly in shape (presuming they aren’t photoshopped- which is a VERY large presumption to make) and I have no problem with that. I have a problem with the culture that tells us that we’ll only be healthy (or attractive, but I’m not going down that rabbit hole right now) when we look like that. Um- no. I don’t look like that…at all, and I lead a healthy lifestyle. For me, healthy isn’t having no tummy and no waist. Healthy to me means trying to balance out the absurd amount of bread and nutella I eat with the dancing I do. Honestly, I convinced myself to practice for 3 hours once solely based on the fact that I finished an entire tub of nutella by myself the week before. I don’t claim to only eat grains and greens. I don’t claim to be a health expert. But I DO know that I am a healthy individual, love handles and all, and I am so ok with that.

The second that I realized this and become ok with myself, I LOVED myself. I gained self confidence in my appearance, in my dancing, and other aspects of my life. I’m a little of topic, but you know, love a bit of a ramble. So I’ll try wind up here. LOVE YOURSELF. ENJOY COOKIES. And never, ever, EVER hate yourself, or let someone make you feel ashamed for what you eat, or how you look. 

Now I want brownies. And I’ve discovered I’ve run out of everything chocolate in my apartment (read: nutella). TRAGEDY. Ok I’m done.


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