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Oats on Toast

27 Apr

Well hey there! It’s been a while… I know. Remember how I told you about that awesome trip to Spain I was going on? Well that happened. I’ve actually been traveling for the past hiatus, hence no cooking. I also can’t promise there will be much in the next month or so either. It is officially exam time, and my mind is about to turn into a mush of information I will forget the minute I walk out of the last exam room. Also I have no money. Turns out, traveling for a month will do that. (This is when I start to realize why people get jobs. Anyways…) My term here is coming to an end soon (unfortunately) and once I am back in the great state of North Carolina (and in a house that has an actual kitchen with proper cooking utensil and parents buying food for me) I will hopefully be posting a lot more! Then again, I’ll also have parents cooking for me (they spoil me to death, especially when they haven’t seen me for 6 months), so yeah we’ll see how that goes.

Alright. Onto today’s recipe. Found on pinterest (where else!) but originally from the lovely Pepper Lynn, this recipe is a breakfast you can prepare the night before and finish off in those 5 minutes you have for getting dressed, eating breakfast, and getting out the door when you wake up half an hour late. So an every day thing for me. Pepper also claims that this wonderfully nutritious breakfast keeps her filled up until about 1pm. I’m currently having it as a snack (and loving it- so much that I couldn’t wait to finish it to type this) thus I can’t speak to how filling it is… but I’ll get back to you on that internet.

I realize I haven’t actually said *what* it is. I should get to that. Well, it’s uncooked oats. Pepper goes for overnight oats… probably a more appealing name. If the thought of uncooked oats turns you off- yeah me too. Bear with me you HAVE to give this a go. The base is a mix of oats, yogurt, and milk. The rest that you do in the morning is flavor- and this can be WHATEVER you want it to be. You automatically have your favorite flavored breakfast.

And it’s so easy. And quick. And yummy. And good for me? I’ll take it.


1/2 cup of rolled oats (and then a little extra for good measure)*

1/2 cup of plain vanilla yogurt**

1/3 cup of milk

~ From here, choose your own flavor. I chose strawberry jam, so I threw in about 3 spoons of jam.


1. Pour out your oats, yogurt and milk in a jar or bowl and mix it all up .

Pro tip 1: The original recipe calls for Greek yogurt and more milk but I can’t stand Greek yogurt so I opted for vanilla yogurt and less milk. Works just as well- just make sure when you’re adding the milk your final consistency is thick and creamy. If the milk makes it too liquidy just add some more oats.

2. Put it in the fridge overnight. If you get the munchies during the day (not those munchies, silly) and fancy a nice snack, this is great too, just make sure it’s been refrigerated for at least 30 mins to let the oats soften.

3. When ready to eat, add your flavor of choice and enjoy.

Pro tip 2: When I first tried it I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about the texture. I’m still not sure I’m too fond of it on it’s own. So like I do with a lot of things I tried it with bread. DO THIS. Especially if you didn’t like the texture or the feel/taste of the oats. When spread on toast it takes away all of that. The warm toast and cool spread and taste of jam was like heaven. I really wish I hadn’t tried it because I already eat SO MUCH BREAD, but man oh man was it good. I refuse to eat it any other way. It also means I only use about half of it on 2 slices of toast. Could easily see that as a nice afternoon snack or breakfast the next day if it makes it that long.

Pro tip 3: Always say yes to nutella. Nutella is a personal favorite of mine, and if you fancy that sneaky chocolate in the morning, put a light spread of nutella and your jam oats on your toast. YUMMM.


It doesn’t look that appetizing, I know, but it’s worth trying. Some love it, some hate it. Don’t be that guy that hates it until he tries it…



The Mother Of All Breakfasts

24 Feb

This should also be called the mother of all hangover cures. Seriously. I’m a very big breakfast fan anyways. I would actually eat it for every meal if I could. I try not to keep cereal in my apartment because I go through about a full size box in a day or two. The only issue I have with this breakfast is having to make it hungover. It’s great once you’re eating it but my god, actually having to cook it sucks. But I did it! Friday was dedicated to recovering from Thursday night, which I did…eventually, with the help of this to die for Irish breakfast. (Truth: I actually thought I was going to die several times Friday morning, I wish that metaphor had less truth.)

Ingredients: I’m going to leave off quantities because you can really cook however much of each one you want, they don’t affect each other.

TEA. Lots of it.


Bacon (If you’re going full on Irish, go for Irish rashers, but I realize they’re not available everywhere)



Beans (Not always part of the Irish breakfast… I just really like baked beans on toast)


* If you want to go full out, get some blood pudding. It’s a lot more delicious than it sounds, check it out here. I like it, I just don’t keep it in my apartment.



1. Make a cup of tea and leave the tea bag in. Yeah, it’s that kind of a morning, I know.



2. Pop a few pans on the stove, if you don’t have more then this might take a little longer as you’ll have to reuse it.

3. Start frying your bacon and sausages in oil. Sausages took me the longest so maybe cook bacon on medium and sausages on medium-high. It really depends on your stove.


4. In a pan, pour in your beans onto low-medium heat. This can just sit there being stirred intermittently until everything else is ready

5. As each meat finishes (should be pinky and cooked through), transfer it to your plate

6. Crack your egg(s) in the pan and cook to desired egginess (I’ve decided I like that phrase. It’s gonna be a thing.. meaning over easy, over medium, over well etc.)

7. As everything is finishing up throw some toast in the toaster and serve with beans on top. Any other beans can be put onto the plate.

And that’s it. It takes a little while if you’re still trying to figure out your stove like I am, but the more you know about how quickly each meat will cook on your stove, the more efficient you can be with timing it out. It’s honest to god my favorite meal though. And you know what, all this talk of food is getting me really hungry. I’m gonna go cook my left over sausages and bacon, since I’m out of town for the next few days at a big dance competition.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!



On my second slice of toast, the beans poured out in the shape of Ireland…roughly. It was very exciting. Shut up.

Gourmet Breakfast Grilled Cheese Style

24 Feb

Yes, another grilled cheese post. It’s about as creative as I get without a recipe. No, I didn’t eat it for my breakfast, it was more of lunch. And dinner, as a matter of fact, because at 11:50 pm I’m just realizing I haven’t had dinner yet. As I said, bad eating habits.

Anywho. This is the mother of all grilled cheese sandwiches in my opinion. It has everything I could possibly want in the world. Bread, butter, cheese, bacon, and eggs.


2 slices of bread


1 slice of cheese

1 strip of bacon*

1 egg

* I used Irish bacon, also known rashers, which is a thicker and wider style bacon. If you’re using American bacon you might want to use 2 strips.


1. Butter 2 slices of bread on one side generously

2. Put one slice of bread butter side down in a pan and let it fry on medium heat

3. In another pan, put your bacon on medium-high heat and cook to desired crispness

4. Crack an egg and fry in a separate pan (or the bacon pan when the bacon is done), cook to desired egginess (over easy, over medium, over well etc.)

5. Place cheese on the slice of bread and allow to melt

6. Add your bacon and egg

7. Put on your other slice of bread, allow them to melt together a little and flip to cook the other side.

… Basically cook a grilled cheese but put bacon and eggs in the middle. Probably not the best if you’re counting calories and trying to avoid fried food, but it’s really delicious, so who cares?


Another thing I’ve learned: I cannot cook eggs. Doesn’t matter what kind, it’s never pretty. Exhibit a.



Le Pain Perdu

11 Feb

For those of you who don’t speak French, “pain perdu” literally means “lost bread”. I love this because it’s the French term for French toast, and as you might now, French toast is best made with stale bread. Americans could never market it if they called it “Stale Toast”, so instead they call it “French Toast” to make it sound more mysterious and culinarily exquisite (as most French things are). And yet, the French get away with “Lost Bread”. It actually has some mystical intrigue to it… or maybe that’s just me. Either way, I love France, I love French Toast, I have a loaf of bread that needs to be thrown away soon, so I got adventurous and made French Toast for breakfast this morning! It’s an especially nice treat, since it’s absolutely miserable outside. Definitely a no-way-in-hell-I’m-going-to-class-today kind of day. Alors, let the cooking commence!


Bread (at least 2 slices)

1 egg per 2 slices of bread

2 tablespoons of milk per egg

1 glug of oil


1 tsp of vanilla extract


1 tsp of honey

Sprinkling of Sugar

* Ok. Most regular french toast recipes have bread, milk, eggs, and then vanilla extract and cinnamon, that’s pretty standard. Well I don’t have cinnamon, and I can’t open my vanilla extract bottle, so I decided to improvise. The first two slices I made were just bread, eggs and milk. They were really good, but a little bland. Now, I don’t mind that at all, but they could’ve done with a bit of flavor or something sweet. So the next batch I made, I made the regular mixture again, but with the first slice I sprinkled sugar onto the slice on the pan before I flipped it. Then I added about two squeezes of honey (maybe 1 tsp?) into the mixture for the second slice. The added sugar was delicious. It didn’t make it overly sweet, but it added just enough flavor/sweetness to hit a perfect balance. The honey didn’t seem to make a difference- so I probably didn’t add enough. I will have to try next time adding more. I’m guessing it will just add a nice sweetness like the sugar. I would actually never normally use honey..in anything. But the other day in my haste to get supplies for pancake day, I bought a bottle of honey instead of syrup, so I am exploring ways to use it up!


1. Turn on your stove to high heat and let it warm up.

2. Add a glug of oil to pan and set on stove.

3. In a separate bowl, mix eggs, milk, and any other flavor/sweetener you so desire.

4. Coat both sides of a slice of bread in the mixture and place in pan.

Pro tip 1: There has to be some kind of a knack to do this. Maybe use a big enough bowl to lay your bread down flat. I dipped in one edge and pulled it down over the mixture, prodding the bread to make sure it got some on it. Of course I missed patches here, there, and everywhere, but in the end it turned out fine. If you’re not worried about getting your hands (and probably counter and floor) messy, then any way will work!

5. Repeat with the other slice(s) of bread.

6. Eat. Equally you could add powdered sugar, syrup and yummy stuff like that before you eat too. But either way, get to the eating part.

Delicious. I’m glad I did this when I only had 4 slices left in the loaf, because I could actually eat this all day. Maybe it’s time to hit the market and do my groceries… I see lots more bread in my future đŸ˜‰

Internet- do you have a particular way you make french toast? What’s your special ingredient to give it the flavor you love? What else can I use honey in?!!

Bon appetit!



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