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Crumbled Spanish Omelette

12 Feb

Internet, I have some very exciting news. I am going on holidays to Spain soon! I have a month off classes for Easter in Spring, so a friend and myself have planned a magnificent trip to Spain. I am extremely excited, and I will most likely not stop thinking about this until April. Yesterday I got busy looking up Spanish food and tapas dishes. If I can’t be in Spain yet, I might as well eat like I am.

So I decided to try a Spanish omelette- apparently a Spanish staple. As for the crumbled part… it was not intentionally crumbled. That part came when I tried to slide the omelette back onto the pan and it fell apart. But it was tasty nonetheless!

I thought it was going to be much harder to make, and taste more bland, but it was actually quite simple, and full of flavor. A must have!

Ingredients: Warning, these portions are a lot, this could easily halved and be enough for 1 person. Then again, I finished it all…so if you’re really hungry…

3 eggs

Dash of Salt

Glug of oil

3 potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

1 onion, peeled and finely chopped


1. Crack the eggs in a bowl and mix them together with the salt.

2. Turn the stove on to medium/high and heat the oil

3. Add the potatoes and fry for a few minutes

4. Add the onions to the potatoes and mash together

Pro tip 1: My potato slices may have been too thick, or the potatoes not soft enough, but I struggle to mash them. I ended up just mixing together the potatoes and onions and leaving it at that. Not sure how I would’ve mashed up the potatoes, any advice? Either way, it tasted just fine without them being mashed.

5. As the edges of the potato begin to brown, add the eggs on top. Try and make sure the egg is covering the potato/onion mix.

6. Fry this on a low heat, gently prodding at the edges to keep it loose.

7. As the egg starts to set, place a plate over the pan, and gently flip it so the mixture is on the plate. Carefully slide it back into the pan.

Pro tip 2: Put the plate edge right down touching the pan, if you leave it up at all it will collapse. Also go very slowly- too fast and it will fold over on itself.

8. Let the underside cook for a minute or so, and remove from the heat. Allow it to cool and serve!

As you can see, the outcome isn’t the most beautiful, and chances are what I made is nothing like an actual Spanish omelette, but whatever the hell I did make was damn good, so I’m ok with that.


….yeah, not exactly what it’s supposed to look like.


The Best Burger I’ve Had In a Very Long Time

6 Feb

I LOVE burgers. At the dining hall at school when I had a meal plan, I don’t think there was a week went by when I didn’t have a cheeseburger. (I’m not sure there were 3 days that went by where I didn’t have one). I actually lived on cereal, grilled cheese, cheeseburgers and fries for a while. It was embarrassing, but it was all the dining hall offered for their “late night” hours, which was often the only time I had a chance to eat dinner with my dance schedule, if I ate dinner at all. Yeah, I had REALLY bad eating habits last year. Long story short, I’m really glad I’m cooking for myself. 

Since 95% of the burgers I’ve eaten in the past 2 years have been over processed pieces of shit, I think I’d actually forgotten what a good burger made out of real meat tasted like. But not anymore. I got a ground beef patty from the butcher for all of 65 cents or something, and set out to accomplish a goal of mine: make a pinterest recipe. I know it sounds stupid, but let’s be honest, how many hours have we sat around pinning shit onto pinterest with the caption “looks delicious- must make this!”, and yet i’d say 99% of pins never actually get made. ( I say we because I kind of assume everyone is just as much of a lazy bum as I am and rewards themselves just for going to class by looking at facebook and pinterest the entire time)

So without further ado, I give you, my pinterest success! Fried Egg Cheeseburger!


1 beef burger patty

1 egg

1 burger bun

1 slice of cheese

1 glug of oil 


Pro tip 1: I’m gonna go ahead and tell you know, it is NOT going to look as good as it does on pinterest. Pinterest is a LIE. Nothing actually looks like that. But that’s ok, it’ll still taste magnificent. 

1. Turn on stove to medium-high heat and pour in your oil

2. Gently press down on the patty to get it to your desired size/thickness. Using a pint class, press down in the middle of the patty and take out the circular section separated by the glass.

3. Put the burger minus the middle in the pan, ( optional: put the middle section in to the side as well, you can add this on top of your burger/egg if you fancy the extra meat) 

4. Let it cook until it’s browning on the bottom

5. Crack an egg and pour it into the middle section

Pro tip 2: If you make the burger to thin, the egg won’t all fit in the hole and you’re going to have leaky half fried egg covering your burger and half your pan. Either don’t make the burger that thin, or watch how much egg you pour in. 

6. Once the egg has cooked a little bit, flip the burger and allow the other side to brown. Cook until the inside of the burger is no longer pink. (Same goes for the middle section if you decided to cook that).

7. Put cheese on top of the burger for a minute or so if you want it to melt a little, and put into burger bun.

And voila! I know it’s not really a recipe, but I kind of felt like I had to prove to the world that my time spent on pinterest isn’t *completely* useless. And plus, even though it wasn’t the prettiest to look at, this was a goddamn masterpiece of a burger if I may say so myself.

And to sum up how I felt about eating this burger: 


I actually can’t watch this episode without craving a burger.


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