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Tuna Hash… Minus the Tuna

2 Oct

You guys, today was a struggle. I was all excited to cook this tuna hash, because it sounded sooo good, it was easy, and I’m a huge fan of everything in it so what could go wrong, right?

Well, I could be physically incapable of opening the can of tuna. That could happen. Fun fact, that did happen. To be fair, can openers are funky little objects and the one in my apartment belongs to the other girl I live with and I could not for the life of me figure out how to use it. I clamped every part of it I could think of to the can, turned the wheel, but nothing. Alas, this was tuna-less tuna hash.

EVEN SO, this was delicious and a great vegetarian meal if you supplement it with an extra source of protein.


2 medium sized potatoes

185g can of tuna (If you can open it, that is)

Bit of butter

1/2 340 g can of sweet corn (I just guesstimated 1/4 of my 432 g can but really it doesn’t matter)

Glug of oil


1. Cut your potato into little cubes and throw in a pot with some water.

2. Boil potatoes until they’re tender, can take around 10 minutes or maybe more, depending on how high heat you use.

3. Drain the liquid from the pan and stir in your butter with the potatoes.

4. Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium and throw in your potatoes, sweet corn, and tuna. Stir gently.

5. Allow the potatoes to brown and stop stirring before tuna goes mushy.

6. Serve and enjoy- tuna or no tuna đŸ™‚

This is a really really easy meal that makes a can of tuna go a long way… if you get to the tuna at all!



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