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Meanwhile in Ireland…

18 Jun

The internet is a weird and wonderful place, and most people online have just way too much time on their hands, or are busy not working. Sometimes, this results in unproductivity. Others, it results in this:


This might just be the most accurate representation of Irish cuisine, ever. Thank you random stranger, for making my day.


Beautiful Blogger Award

6 Mar



Today, I was truly flattered to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award from Cassandra, over at her name was Cassandra. If you haven’t been over to this girls blog, go right now! She posts every day about the weird and wonderful and everything in between, and never fails to provide snark, insight, or just a damn good laugh. I honestly cannot recommend her blog enough, it’s my favorite to read whenever I come online every day.

Now, onto this award. Apparently I have to nominate 15 people and tell you 7 things about me. I’m going to nominate 5 people..because I can, and because this would never ever get posted if I tried to nominate 15 people.


1. No Excuses Health: Jo Jo and Stacey write about healthy nutrition and fitness making it accessible to everyone- such a great blog and resource for anyone interested in fitness and nutrition!

2. Ethan Eats: Ethan has a great blog about the stuff that he cooks and bakes, and he understands the struggles of eating real food in college. Great read, great blog!

3. How About Them Apples: Adam and Nadine de-clutter scientific nonsense to give you the facts about healthy nutrition- definitely worth checking them out, they post a lot of really useful information.

4. Hungry and Fit: They describe themselves as a young couple focused on great workouts and feasting well– all on a great budget. It’s everything I pretend to do while I’m really sitting here blogging. But seriously, good stuff.

5. Jewels on a Journey : Julia is an incredibly strong and wonderful individual, as shown in her blog. She writes about life, including being a wife, dancer, student, and everything in between. A really great blog 🙂

Ok. 7 things about me.

1. I fell out of my high chair and smashed my head against a huge glass window when I was a baby. I was fine, luckily, and my loving parents were more concerned about the window anyway. Either way, it probably explains a lot about why I’m so utterly insane now.

2. Irish dancing is a huge part of my life- I love it and I do consider myself a dancer. HOWEVER- don’t mistake that to mean that I am capable of any kind of dancing other than Irish dancing. Whenever I’m in a situation that calls for normal dancing, people expect me to know what to do. False. Unless it involves moving my feet in quick rhythms or pouncing around with leaps and turns, I’m hopeless. And don’t even get me started on dancing with arms.

3. I am an absolute nut job when it comes to sport. I’m a pretty normal person in regular life. I’m not overly confrontational, and I pretty much keep to myself. I’m a completely different person when I’m watching (or even talking about) hockey. I am overly passionate for my team and I will NOT back down in an argument. If you insult my team, expect to see my crazies. It happens. There is very little in this world I love more than hockey, and I am 100% ok with expressing this publicly. (Like the public meltdown I almost had at the coffee shop at school when I discovered our star goalie is quite possibly out for the rest of the season. Shit just about hit the fan.)

4. I’m a snob about English accents. I can’t help this one. I grew up in England, just outside of London. Surrey, to be precise. If you’ve ever been there, you know the accent. If you haven’t… well I sounded something like Hermione Granger as a kid. Anyways, I happen to be of the opinion that this is one of the best English accents and that any accent from Birmingham upwards shouldn’t be allowed (with the exception of Christopher Eccleston- I love him too much to hate his accent). Otherwise, nope. Gotta go. If you have an accent that falls into that category, I apologize deeply. I don’t mean to offend you I just really don’t like that accent. I’m sure you’re all lovely people.

5. I have synesthesia. Every note in my mind has a color associated with it. Occasionally, I’ll get really confused and say something like “that bottle is D” instead of “that bottle is blue”, and my mind won’t register anything wrong with the sentence. It normally takes a table full of people with a look of concern on their face for me to realize I’ve mixed it up again.

6. I love Doctor Who. More than words can describe. If you read my blog you probably already know this because just about every post has some kind of Doctor Who reference. It’s an obsession though. Like, I’m trying to work my way through this really dense book on the Tudors right now for a class, and the only way I could make myself read it was to have the voice in my head reading speak in David Tennant’s voice. Worked like a charm. Henry VII is much more interesting when The Doctor is teaching you about him. Also, I am emotionally vulnerable because of this show. I’ve cried watching it WAY more than I’m proud of.

7. I drink tea like a normal person drinks water. Partly because I’m Irish and I think tea actually just runs in my blood. But honest to god, I inhale that stuff. I don’t function in the morning without tea. It’s almost 9 pm and I’ve only had 3 cups of tea today. I need to catch up! I’m also extraordinarily picky about my tea. If it’s not Barry’s Tea, I won’t drink it. No exceptions.

And there you have it. You now know the extent of my insanity, and are probably thinking “wow this girl is a shit show waiting to happen” and you’re right. I’m  a functional lunatic, and I’m ok with that.


Apple Sauce Heals All

15 Feb

It’s true. I have never had a wound that some apple sauce cannot heal. The past couple of days , well I’ve needed my apple sauce. This is fact, has nothing to do with Valentines day. This is stemming from the 13th.

Ok, so if you haven’t gathered by now, I’m living in a foreign country- Ireland to be precise. I’m studying abroad here for the semester, and I love it. I really do. But it’s been a long time since I’ve lived on this side of the world, and for the past 8 years of my life I’ve been in America. Back in America I go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is a truly wonderful school. Chapel Hill is heaven on earth. I love it there. That being said, Ireland is just fantastic too. I’m a keen traveller, so I pretty much love everywhere. This week, I had my first bout of homesickness. First off, wednesday was my dad’s birthday, and this was the first time that neither my brother nor myself were with my parents for it. Growing up sucks sometimes. Secondly, it was the Carolina vs. Duke game.

Ok, so first thing you should know about UNC- it’s a really, really, really big college basketball school. I don’t even like basketball but I know so much about UNC basketball because I just can’t avoid it. Duke is about 7 miles down the road from UNC, so it’s a pretty big rivalry, as they’re both huge basketball schools. Ok- pretty big is an understatement. It’s quite possibly the biggest rivalry in college basketball. I have many friends at Duke as well as UNC, so you can imagine my facebook newsfeed for the past week. Relentless, scathing, hatred. Constantly. And believe it or not, this made me miss Chapel Hill. All the fierce carolina pride reminded me what a phenomenal school I go to, and what an incredible bunch of people I get to associate with every day.

Needless to say, I got pretty homesick. And after staying up to watch the game (it started at 2 am my time) UNC lost by 5 points. Cue the apple sauce. I ate apple sauce nonstop for a month last year when I got mono. I eat it when I’m sad. I eat in when I’m happy. In the south, I consider apple sauce a delicacy. So imagine my horror when I couldn’t find it in Ireland! It’s probably somewhere, but not at a price even close to what I could afford. And with that, I bring you to my recipe for homemade apple sauce. Actually the best thing in the world.

Ingredients: makes 4 servings (or 1 if you’re coming off a devastating UNC loss)

4 apples- peeled, cored, and chopped

3/4 cup water

1/4 cup sugar

*1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon (didn’t use it, didn’t need it, could be nice if you liked cinnamon)


1. Prepare the apples as stated above and throw the apples, water and sugar into a pot.

2. Cover and let it simmer on medium heat for 15-20 minutes, or until apples are soft.

3. Allow to cool, and then mash the apples.

4. Serve and wallow in self pity- if it’s that kind of night.


Yeah, it’s actually that easy. Preparing the apples actually took me the longest, but set up camp in front of your laptop and with netflix on in the background, it goes by in no time.

And even though apple sauce can’t reverse the score of the game, I will ALWAYS love my tar heels.



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