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That time I set my oven on fire

8 Sep

What’s up y’all! I’m back! It’s been an amazing summer, but school is finally back in swing and I’m settled into my apartment nicely. I actually used the oven for the first time today, and what better way to start off the school year than by…. setting the oven on fire the first time you use it. Yes, that happened.

Funnily enough, this post was originally going to be called “The lasagna that wasn’t”. You see, I promised my lovely house mate I’d make her lasagna for her birthday, and we invited our neighbor over to share and get to know each other. It was all set to be a respectable evenings, with just a couple major flaws.

1. I’ve never cooked lasagna before

2. I mix and matched my recipes and pretty much just put in whatever I had of things (aka I was unwilling to spend too much money in the grocery store)

3. I’m apparently not good at following directions

So, from these fatal flaws, here’s what went wrong with the lasagna.

– Housemate requested ricotta cheese in place of cottage cheese, so I only used ricotta, not thinking I might need other cheese too.

– I only bought a small thing of ricotta and sauce so I halved half of the recipe, while keeping the other parts at full measurements

– I used way too big of a pan for the amount I had

– I used uncooked lasagna sheets that I’m pretty sure you had to cook first

So, the lasagna was flat and crispy around the edges, but otherwise it actually tasted really good. (At least I thought so). It wasn’t the disaster I expected. No. The garlic bread was the disaster I did not expect.

I had thrown some garlic bread into the oven as we were waiting for the lasagna to cool just in case the lasagna was inedible. As I was taking the garlic bread out, whatever way I grabbed the pan, it wasn’t flat and the piece of bread towards the back must’ve rolled off the back and down onto the hot bars on the bottom of the oven. Needless to say, the bread went up in flames, smoke started pouring out of the oven, and our smoke detector promptly went off.

Luckily, our neighbor handled the smoke detectors while we opened doors and windows to try and get the smoke out. The fire was contained in the oven so we figured we’d just let it burn out and leave the bread till it was cool.

After that things pretty much went according to plan. We ate, and it was edible! But man, I was not expecting the bread to be the eventful part of dinner. Oh well, it was funny as hell!






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