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Being Healthy Vs. Fat Shaming

1 May

Hey there! So this is a slightly unusual post but I read the most fantastic post earlier and I can’t not say anything about it. The post “Bikini Body” on Whiny Baby was featured on the freshly pressed page today, and I am SO glad it was. If you haven’t read it, please go read it. The author talks about fat shaming in society, but more importantly, why what you eat should not be in charge of you. It is such a great read, and she manages to put to words an idea and philosophy I’ve had for a while, but have been unable to describe. 

Read it? Good. I wanted to reply to this because I claim to advocate “healthy eating” on this blog (which I don’t actually do that much of, I know, but just go with me here), and I want to make sure nobody has any misconceptions about what I mean by healthy. I’m a not so secret pinterest lover, and when I’m busy not writing history papers, I’m off browsing some category of pinterest. I have a few I frequents (cute baby animals anyone?), and I have a few I try to avoid. One of the latter is the Health & Fitness section. I know that a majority of pinners on pinterest only have good intentions, and pin all this stuff as a motivation to get in shape and stuff, but they have completely got the idea of being healthy wrong and have instead turned to fat shaming.

So let me be clear. Being healthy DOES NOT equal having no fat. You DO NOT need this body to be healthy: 


Have you ever seen ANYBODY do this? High heels, really?



Who actually looks like this?

I’m sure those girls are healthy and fit and incredibly in shape (presuming they aren’t photoshopped- which is a VERY large presumption to make) and I have no problem with that. I have a problem with the culture that tells us that we’ll only be healthy (or attractive, but I’m not going down that rabbit hole right now) when we look like that. Um- no. I don’t look like that…at all, and I lead a healthy lifestyle. For me, healthy isn’t having no tummy and no waist. Healthy to me means trying to balance out the absurd amount of bread and nutella I eat with the dancing I do. Honestly, I convinced myself to practice for 3 hours once solely based on the fact that I finished an entire tub of nutella by myself the week before. I don’t claim to only eat grains and greens. I don’t claim to be a health expert. But I DO know that I am a healthy individual, love handles and all, and I am so ok with that.

The second that I realized this and become ok with myself, I LOVED myself. I gained self confidence in my appearance, in my dancing, and other aspects of my life. I’m a little of topic, but you know, love a bit of a ramble. So I’ll try wind up here. LOVE YOURSELF. ENJOY COOKIES. And never, ever, EVER hate yourself, or let someone make you feel ashamed for what you eat, or how you look. 

Now I want brownies. And I’ve discovered I’ve run out of everything chocolate in my apartment (read: nutella). TRAGEDY. Ok I’m done.


Oats on Toast

27 Apr

Well hey there! It’s been a while… I know. Remember how I told you about that awesome trip to Spain I was going on? Well that happened. I’ve actually been traveling for the past hiatus, hence no cooking. I also can’t promise there will be much in the next month or so either. It is officially exam time, and my mind is about to turn into a mush of information I will forget the minute I walk out of the last exam room. Also I have no money. Turns out, traveling for a month will do that. (This is when I start to realize why people get jobs. Anyways…) My term here is coming to an end soon (unfortunately) and once I am back in the great state of North Carolina (and in a house that has an actual kitchen with proper cooking utensil and parents buying food for me) I will hopefully be posting a lot more! Then again, I’ll also have parents cooking for me (they spoil me to death, especially when they haven’t seen me for 6 months), so yeah we’ll see how that goes.

Alright. Onto today’s recipe. Found on pinterest (where else!) but originally from the lovely Pepper Lynn, this recipe is a breakfast you can prepare the night before and finish off in those 5 minutes you have for getting dressed, eating breakfast, and getting out the door when you wake up half an hour late. So an every day thing for me. Pepper also claims that this wonderfully nutritious breakfast keeps her filled up until about 1pm. I’m currently having it as a snack (and loving it- so much that I couldn’t wait to finish it to type this) thus I can’t speak to how filling it is… but I’ll get back to you on that internet.

I realize I haven’t actually said *what* it is. I should get to that. Well, it’s uncooked oats. Pepper goes for overnight oats… probably a more appealing name. If the thought of uncooked oats turns you off- yeah me too. Bear with me you HAVE to give this a go. The base is a mix of oats, yogurt, and milk. The rest that you do in the morning is flavor- and this can be WHATEVER you want it to be. You automatically have your favorite flavored breakfast.

And it’s so easy. And quick. And yummy. And good for me? I’ll take it.


1/2 cup of rolled oats (and then a little extra for good measure)*

1/2 cup of plain vanilla yogurt**

1/3 cup of milk

~ From here, choose your own flavor. I chose strawberry jam, so I threw in about 3 spoons of jam.


1. Pour out your oats, yogurt and milk in a jar or bowl and mix it all up .

Pro tip 1: The original recipe calls for Greek yogurt and more milk but I can’t stand Greek yogurt so I opted for vanilla yogurt and less milk. Works just as well- just make sure when you’re adding the milk your final consistency is thick and creamy. If the milk makes it too liquidy just add some more oats.

2. Put it in the fridge overnight. If you get the munchies during the day (not those munchies, silly) and fancy a nice snack, this is great too, just make sure it’s been refrigerated for at least 30 mins to let the oats soften.

3. When ready to eat, add your flavor of choice and enjoy.

Pro tip 2: When I first tried it I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about the texture. I’m still not sure I’m too fond of it on it’s own. So like I do with a lot of things I tried it with bread. DO THIS. Especially if you didn’t like the texture or the feel/taste of the oats. When spread on toast it takes away all of that. The warm toast and cool spread and taste of jam was like heaven. I really wish I hadn’t tried it because I already eat SO MUCH BREAD, but man oh man was it good. I refuse to eat it any other way. It also means I only use about half of it on 2 slices of toast. Could easily see that as a nice afternoon snack or breakfast the next day if it makes it that long.

Pro tip 3: Always say yes to nutella. Nutella is a personal favorite of mine, and if you fancy that sneaky chocolate in the morning, put a light spread of nutella and your jam oats on your toast. YUMMM.


It doesn’t look that appetizing, I know, but it’s worth trying. Some love it, some hate it. Don’t be that guy that hates it until he tries it…


Not Your Average Grilled Cheese Sandwich

13 Feb

So, last night after my day of pancake binge eating and emptying the cupboards of sweet things (I miss you already nutella), I decided on a more savory dinner. Ok confession time, up until about 2 years ago (when I started college), I’d never had grilled cheese. Never ever. It just wasn’t a thing where I grew up. Because of that, the only grilled cheese I’d ever had was dining hall grilled cheese, which was greasy, fatty, and mediocre at best (and yet I ate it all the time…) I decided last night, it was time to branch out and make my own. I mean, how hard could it be? Not hard at all, is the answer. So, I had one grilled cheese sandwhich. As I was going back to the fridge for more cheese, I saw my jar of jam and thought, gee, I’d really like a jam sandwich, but golly that grilled cheese was so good I’m craving another (yes, those exact words). Easy solution: jam grilled cheese!! This sounds disgusting, I promise you, it’s not. The jam gets nice and hot and it all just melts in your mouth and it adds an incredible burst of flavor that I have no words to describe.


2 slices of bread


1 slice of cheese



1. Put the stove onto medium-low heat and let it warm up

Pro tip 1: I put the stove on quite low heat because I don’t quite understand the settings and any higher than medium burns everything almost immediately. It takes a little longer, but it also means you can just pop it on the stove and go do other things around the kitchen, checking back every once in a while. Something that doesn’t require constant attention is my kind of meal.

2. Butter 1 side of each slice of bread

3. Place 1 slice butter-side down in the pan. Let that sit for a few minutes.

4. Cover the upwards-facing side of the bread on the pan with jam, and place the cheese on top.

Pro tip 2: So in hindsight, spreading jam on the bread while it’s already in the hot pan was not the greatest idea, so I don’t see any reason why you can’t put jam on the other side of bread before you put it in the pan. It’s just a little hard to hold.


5. Allow that to sit, as you want the cheese to start to melt.

6. Once the cheese is softening up, place the other slice of bread butter side up to finish of your sandwich.

7. Once the under side is a nice golden brown, flip the sandwich and let the other side brown.

8. Serve and revel in it’s glory ( I mean it, this is fantastic and I will be making about 5 more of them tonight.)

Please comment if you have your own creative ways of doing a grilled cheese!! I’d love to hear them 🙂



Pancake Weekend 2013!

13 Feb

Happy Shrove Tuesday.. better known as Pancake Day on this side of the world, and Mardi Gras (or fat tuesday) in the States! My friend and I wanted to celebrate pancake day properly, but we both decided that one day for pancakes just wasn’t enough. We went on a trip to the west coast leaving early friday morning, so naturally, we stayed up all night watching hockey and eating pancakes. I had two boxes of pancake mix- 1 bisquick, 1 crepe style. We started out with the bisquick on friday and I am finishing the crepe style today.

I know tuesdays are normally dedicated to healthy eating, but shit, it’s pancake day. I couldn’t NOT do a pancake post.

Ok so let’s start with friday. We had 3 hockey games going split screen and we made m&m pancakes, pretty good night I’d say. Only minor hiccup: I got all excited buying pancake supplies and accidentally bought a bottle of honey instead of syrup. Sidebar: if you have any creative ways to use honey, let me know!


We cooked up some American style pancakes and stayed up all night wolfing down the batch we made. I felt mildly sick by the morning- just in time for a 2 hour bus ride… WORTH IT.

Saturday dinner/Sunday breakfast we had cake. Yes, just cake. We found a great little bakery, we bought a cake, and we ate it. It was delicious.

Monday, I finished what was leftof the American pancake batter and recovered from the weekend.

Tuesday (today)… I ate an entire box worth of crepe style pancakes in one morning. By myself. No wonder it’s called fat tuesday. They were delicious once I added the lemon juice and sugar or nutella. The thing is, they were the most rubbery, odd textured pancakes I’ve ever seen. I followed the directions on the box, but I have no idea. They certainly weren’t proper crepes. Either way, I’m definitely making them from scratch next time. Any good recipes, internet?











On that note, I am so ready for Lent. I actually ate nutella out of the jar today just to finish so it would be out of my house by tomorrow. My cupboards have been purged, and I think my body is ready for a 40 day detox after the weekend I just put it through! God help me when paddy’s day rolls through- all I’ll say is it’s a damn good thing I’m not giving up alcohol…






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