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It isn’t goodbye, just see you later

3 Jul

So, mixed feelings about todays post. This past week has been a roller coaster, and I won’t go into details because who wants to hear about my problems, but long story short, my house flooded and my kitchen is currently MIA among the displaced contents of my basement. Now, we’re working to clear it and get back to eating more than toast and apple cider for dinner (I feel like I’m back in the dorms), but I’m actually not going to be around to see it cleared out. At the end of the week I’m headed out of the country (again) for 5 weeks! I’m going to China, and while I will have a kitchen from time to time, my access to internet is more the question. I am not sure if wordpress is blocked by the Great Firewall of China, but even if it isn’t, my internet connection may not be fantastic enough for me to get on frequently. 

So where does that leave us? Well, I decided I’m just going to take a hiatus from now until I return in August. I will keep track of anything I cook (don’t worry, no dog, I promise), so expect some cool stuff in August when I return, and details of my trip! In the mean time, I will be rambling on over on Tumblr about anything and everything, so come visit me there at http://katedoestheworld.tumblr.com 

Until then, 



P.S. If y’all haven’t been watching the tennis at Wimbledon, get on that! This tournament is insane, with half of the top 4 going out in the first round in both ladies and mens. The ladies is anybody’s tournament as they go into semi’s tomorrow, and Andy Murray might finally get his Wimbledon slam in the mens. Seriously, get your butts online and find a stream of Wimbledon if you like tennis. You won’t regret it. K I’m done. Peace out y’all. ❤ 


I got a tumblr.

30 Jun

So guys and gals, I gave in. I’ve held out for a long time because heaven knows I already have enough places on the internet to procrastinate, but today, I made a tumblr. It kind of started out as my outlet to post all the funny (read: stupid) pictures I find that I’d feel bad about spamming you all with. 

That being said, you’re not getting away that easily.



It’s actually marginally relevant too. I cooked asparagus the other day and it’s AMAZING. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before, but it’s not one of those foods I refused to eat out of principle of having decided to not like it. Anyways, it was absurdly easy to cook and a healthy (more importantly, yummy) addition to any meal. You can cook it any number of ways but the easiest is just boil it for 3-5 mins and then sprinkle seasoning on if you wanted… but it’s so not necessary.

Anyways. If you fancy seeing more stupidly funny pictures relating to food and anything else I come up with, go check out my tumblr at http://katedoestheworld.tumblr.com/ (the gifs actually work on tumblr!)  (Why am I so wordpress-tech challenged?) (Help!)



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